Thermaspray offers extensive maintenance and repair of industrial components that have been damaged in service by friction, erosion and corrosion, or cavitation.

From the repair of worn areas to the restoration of mismatched parts, components can be repaired through thermal spraying, Plasma Transferred Arc cladding or polymer coatings.

Thermaspray's high performance coatings serve to refurbish original components to an “as new” state. A suitably selected and correctly applied surface coating, such as metal, alloy, ceramic, carbide or polymer will improve and upgrade the performance of parts and components.

Thermaspray's thermal sprayed coatings deliver some of the most cost-effective options to restoring and extending the service life of components.

It is often possible to provide a “better than new” component through the analysis of the degradation mechanism and the selection of an appropriate coating designed to combat that degradation.

For over twenty-three years, Thermaspray has provided a broad range of quality products and services that support the requirements of development and maintenance engineers in various industries.

With this calibre of experience, Thermaspray provides customers with the best technologies and the most economic solutions for their routine, custom or emergency requirements.