Machining and Grinding

Thermaspray's significant investment in additional specialised equipment and tooling provides a comprehensive range of support finishing technologies.

This complements our surface engineering processes, providing Thermaspray customers with a turnkey service.

Engineering support capabilities include:

  • machining
  • grinding (traditional and diamond)
  • finishing
  • super-finishing
With industry-trained engineers and skilled tradesmen who understand the importance of our customers’ requirements, all Thermaspray's work is performed under our ISO 9001 and ISO 3834-2 certifications.

Engineering workshop equipment:

  • 1x ShenYang Lathe 2000mm BC x 600mm Swing
  • 1x ShenYang Lathe 2500mm BC x 600mm Swing
  • 1x Tos Lathe 1500mm BC x 400 Swing
  • 1x Tos Lathe 4000mm BC x 600 Swing
  • 1x Lang Lathe 1500mm BC x 1000 Swing
  • 1x Lagun Turret Mill
  • 1x Cincinatti Grinder 3200mm BC x 350mm Swing
  • 1x MSO Grinder 3800mm BC x 600mm Swing
  • 1x Churchill Grinder 3800mm BC x 520mm Swing
  • 1x Grisetti Grinder 1200mm BC x 300mm Swing
  • 1x Fortuna Grinder 1800mm BC x 500mm Swing
  • 2x Superfinishers
  • 1 x Tos Universal Grinder 3200mm BC x 600mm Swing
  • 1 x Zocca Universal Grinder 2000mm BC x 360 Swing
  • Crane capacity of 2000 kg in engineering workshop

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