DIAMANT Polymeric Solutions

Thermaspray is the exclusive Southern African representative of DIAMANT Metallplastic GmbH, based in Germany. DIAMANT Metallplastic offers the metalworking industry high-quality polymeric solutions to restore functionality to castings, and thereby significantly reduce scrap.

The DIAMANT polymeric solution includes products for:

  • Impregnating and sealing leakages
  • Repair of blow holes and surface treatments
  • Wear protection and repair

Thermaspray offers DIAMANT Metallplastic products such as:

DIAMANT dichtol

Capillary-active impregnation

DIAMANT dichtol is a highly flexible, ready-for-use system that restores pressure tightness to castings. By using DIAMANT capillary-active impregnation, a high-resistance polymer in combination with volatile components, is applied to a porous surface.

The easy and versatile application of dichtol (dipping, brushing, injecting or spraying) allows a reliable impregnation, even on complex structures. With its excellent capillary action, dichtol penetrates deeply into castings and impregnates right away.

dichtol has been formulated for the needs of the foundry industry and is therefore highly resistant to physical, thermal and chemical strain.

In contrast to welding, dichtol is extremely gentle to castings and enhances the surface and varnish properties of castings.


DIAMANT plasticmetal

DIAMANT plasticmetal is a quick-curing polymer-bound metal repair system for the reliable filling of blow holes, porosities, voids, pin holes, abrasion, surface defects on cast aluminium, modular cast iron, grey cast iron, ferro cast iron and cast iron.

Due to its particularly high content of genuine metal fillers, plasticmetal exhibits a good metal finish and can be machined as well as manually worked like metal. plasticmetal provides excellent resistance to abrasion and wear, thermal resistance up to 250 C continuously and resistance to chemical strain that has been specifically developed for the foundry industry.

plasticmetal is an extremely flexible system, which can be mixed to variable viscosities from liquid to putty and applied in small quantities, as well as combined with 9 different hardeners. plasticmetal is available in iron, steel, aluminium, bronze, brass, copper, red brass, iron oxide, alloy and ceramic metal powder variants.



DIAMANT Repa Coat offers wear protection and repair coatings that extend the service life of machines and plants, reduce malfunctions and downtimes, as well as protecting against abrasive wear, corrosion and cavitation damage.

Available in three special product variants for precisely targeted use:

Repa Coat FX is a flexible 2-componant, fast-curing coating with high resistance to aggressive loads for the renewal of rubber seals.

After curing, it exhibits high resistance abrasion and tearing, as well as full reversion after being subjected to tensile compressive loads. The highly cross-linking polymers ensure reliable adhesion to metal, natural and synthetic rubber, wood, concrete, etc.

Repa Coat FX is resistant to aggressive media such as lyes or coolants - durable, wear resistant, temperature resistant up to 170 C, with maximum adhesion to many substrates.

Repa Coat PH is a pasty 2-componant polymer material with highly heat resistant, solid ceramic balls and special fillers for wear protection and repair coating.

The durable coating material has extremely high resistance to impacting solid particles in liquid media; gasses and bulk materials. Repa Coat PH protects against abrasive wear, corrosion and cavitation damage; is temperature resistant up to 150 C; is available in various granulations; adheres to all metallic surfaces, and layers can be applied up to 2cm thickness.

Repa Coat CH is a liquid, cold-curing epoxy formulation with outstanding chemical resistance, achieved by the use of special resins and hardeners, as well as additives and inert fillers for protection against aggressive chemicals.

Repa Coat PH is resistant to acids, lyes and coolants; corrosion resistant on all metal surfaces; extremely wear resistant and durable; temperature resistant up to 170 C; applicable in layer thickness of 60um to 100mm, and available in liquid and pasty form.

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