Laser Engraving on Anilox Rollers

Thermaspray Roller Manufacturers provides high quality, specialised Laser Engraving on Anilox Rollers, seamless polymer and ebonite rollers.

As a market leader in Surface Engineering in South Africa, Thermaspray specialise in the manufacture of new anilox rollers, as well as the refurbishment and repair of worn or damaged rollers for the Flexographic printing and packaging industry.

We provide a comprehensive start to finish service, which saves our customers time and money. Thermaspray solves problems such as poor print quality, incorrect colour densities, wear on anilox rollers due to prolonged usage, and design specification changes for our customers, with our roller manufacturing, refurbishment, repair and engraving services.

Thermaspray Roller Manufacturers extends the service life of anilox rollers with our wear resistant, high density and low porosity ceramic coating. We also offer local manufacturing which benefits our customers with improved delivery times as opposed to importing the rolls. Our refurbishment service also provides a financial benefit to the customer when compared to the price of purchasing new Anilox rolls.

All of Thermaspray Roller Manufacturers' engraving and analysis is done with the Troika AniCam to maintain excellent quality standards.

The stored engraving data from the Troika Anicam ensures repeatability of engraving specifications as customers' engraving data is safely stored for future reference, and allows for continuous control of anilox roller inventory.

Thermaspray roller manufacturers can manufacture and laser engrave anilox rollers for laminating, label, flexible and corrugated printing industries as well as supply mechanically engraved glue applicator roller sets for the corrugated board industry.

We also provide laser engraving on seamless polymer rollers, used for printing on any material from BOPP, to board and paper, as well as ebonite rollers that are used for consistent water distribution in the printing process and light embossing.

The Process:

  • Roll Manufacture:
    Anilox rollers are manufactured using high-quality mild steel according to OEM specifications. The latest models of printing machines utilise updated Anilox sleeve technology. These sleeve bodies are imported as per our customers' requirements and consists of a fibreglass inner and aluminium top layer.

  • Ceramic Surface Coating:
    The manufactured Anilox rollers and imported sleeves bodies are coated with a nickel-based bond coat and a premium quality chrome oxide ceramic top coat to increase the wear resistance and extends the service life of the roller.

  • Grinding and polishing:
    The ceramic coated rollers are precision ground to the required tolerances and polished to the correct surface finish.

  • Laser Engraving:
    The polished rollers are then engraved with our 600-watt Digilas Fibre Optic Laser to the precise screen and cell volume for the specific application.

  • Final Polish:
    The engraved anilox roller is finished with a final polish to ensure the smooth running of the doctor blade on the roller surface.

  • Sealing:
    A specially formulated sealant is applied to the roller to improve the evacuation of ink from the engraved cells.