Standard Coatings for Thermal Spraying and PTA Cladding

Thermal spray coatings offer a cost-effective option for extending, upgrading or restoring the service life of components. Virtually any material that can be produced in wire or powder form can be processed into a coating. This means that there are thousands of possible coating options available to customers.

It is important to note that a monolithic material and its equivalent coating do not necessarily have the same properties and most materials are actually altered during the coating process.

The same material can also be applied as a coating using different coating processes which result in a coating with very different properties. Therefore great care is taken in the selection of coating material and process to ensure that the desired functional properties are achieved.

Composite coatings with unique functional properties can also be produced by combining different materials and processes.

Coating materials are generally classified as:

  • Pure metals (e.g. molybdenum, copper)
  • Metal alloys (e.g. Stellite®, Monel®, Inconel®, stainless steel (FeCr), NiCrBSi)
  • Ceramics (e.g. alumina, zirconia, chrome oxide, hydroxyapatite
  • Ceramic metal composite or carbide coatings (e.g. tungsten carbide, chrome carbide)

Stellite® is a registered trademark of Deloro Stellite, while Monel® and Inconel® are registered trademarks of INCO (International Nickel Co.)